If Mr. Rogers Were Still Taping

He surely would have found his way to Park Tool:

Lunch?  Since I harvest about three pounds of green beans every second day, I had beans on a shingle (BOS).  l

Steamed the green beans.  Sautéed seitan chicken in olive oil, thyme and oregano.  Made a roux and whisked in soy milk, salt, pepper and nutmeg.  Added to the gravy the beans and seitan.  Blopped it all on toast.  Presenting BOS.  I wonder how a food photographer makes milk gravy look good?  Spritz it with oil or water?  Whatever.  Sides of watermelon and Hunan smashed cucumbers.  The drink is my new favorite–spontaneously and unintentionally fermented cider (I buy a quart and am the only user, so the second half always goes fizzy boozy on me) with oolong tea.  Seriously.  Try it.g

Recess?  I rolled around the ‘hood on my Gios.  Wanted to wear the new to me Sidi leather bottomed (and topped) shoes and, since your shoes and saddle should always match, the Gios made the most sense.

s Gosh those shoes and that bike are swell.  I pedaled about one half a mile but I invested the effort required to move a lesser machine a quarter of a mile.  Give or take.  ;  )


2 responses to “If Mr. Rogers Were Still Taping

  1. So great! We let the girls watch “retro” episodes of Mr Rogers on YouTube.
    They’re still so interesting and relevant. He was such a visionary.

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