Just This

wmWatermelon with volunteer lemon basil and black pepper.

A cardamon pod just exploded in my mouth.  It was hiding in my coconut curry (which I also topped with lemon basil).

I planted lemon basil last year but used none of it.  Didn’t even pinch off the flowers.  That’s why I have so much this year.  I will not squander this second chance.

It is raining and I’m ahead of the curve at work.  I wish I were comfortable driving my car in the rain.  Don’t make me tell you why I hesitate.  It is part obvious, part silly and simply embarrassing.  Just know it sounds fun to motor around town checking off to do list items, but I won’t.

I am being kept company by The Mountain Goats, Neutral Milk Hotel and Eleanor Friedberger.  And, joy of joys, Lacey just kissted me.  That’s kissed and texted mooshed together.  TM.

The song in this video just came on the hifi.

Lacey should be home in four hours.  My last conference call will be over in seven and a half hours.  It will still be raining.  If I get my way we’ll enjoy a drink in the living room and then make basil pesto, boil frozen ravioli and patch together a salad.  Lots of cucumbers, of course.

Hope your day is swell.



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