Work, sure, and plenty of it, but still there is time for a few small things.  Like…

Watching Frida have a dream.

Taking the cutest picture of her ever.cpe

Capturing her as she makes a chicken bone go away.cb

(Of course I try to prevent her getting them, but she is sneaky and fast.)

Picking too much produce at the garden.tp

Preparing the mustard greens to have with dinner tonight.  mp

That’s not all of the greens, but I like to show small portions.  Cuter.  That’s why we enjoy Hello Kitty instead of Hello Alley Cat.  Now that I wrote it, Hello Alley Cat sounds terrific.  TM.  Psyche!  Googled it and it looks pretty clear.  There was this, but I don’t think they meant to make use of the phrase as a trade mark.  New project!  I wonder if John Waters would be interested?

A few days ago I even biked for fun.  First time of the summer.  I waited long enough that I was nervous for the ride.  I did the eleven mile country loop on the Atlantis with bags.  Not far, but when you bike only three miles a day, eleven seems like a big deal.  awb

In the bags?  A sleeping bag, sleeping pad and a tent.  I wanted to see if I could pedal a distance with a little weight.  It was fine so I might do some bicycle camping this summer.  It would be the first since the late seventies.  Too long!

That’s enough.  Just wanted to share a few pictures and say hi.  Done.


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