Along the Horizon

I pulled form the  ground two heads of bok choy, as well as five beets, a pint of beans and eight cukes.  The cukes will go straight to Squash Hunger.  The beans I gave away on the way home.  The beets will keep until I fell like roasting ’em.  The bok choy, though, that’s been a tough one.  I grow it to make kimchi, but I’ve decided not to make any this year (still haven’t started eating the 2012 product).  What else?  I’ve steamed it and dressed it with an acidic, sweet, spicy and sesame dressing.  That was good, but there was so much!  Then I remembered bok choy is just cabbage with a fancy name, so I grated it with the food processor, made mayo and then made slaw, all from the Vegan Diner.  So much garlic it tastes spicy hot.  Not first date food, but who am I to care?cs

Still one head in the fridge and four more at the garden, but Squash Hunger will be there to lighten my load if the overwhelmed feeling outgrows my creativity.

Lists?  This morning the TV greeted me with the news that Albany is the seventh unfriendliest city in America.  I didn’t catch the poll taker, so I googled it.  Conde Nast Traveler.  And the list wasn’t the unfriendliest cities in America.  It covered the world.  Albany got 13th unfriendliest city on the planet.  Seventh if you count only the US entries.  Both sound bad.  Rest assured we would have been sixth or worse still if I weren’t busy laying my Gomer Pyle hellos and waves on everyone I see.  Join me in my efforts to friendly up the place.   We need it!

Top 100 brewers in 2012?  I thought I was drinking a lot of beer, but I’ve only tasted offerings from 17 of of the top 100.  Apparently I am not drinking enough.  Tonight I will open a just purchased growler of Stillwater Artisanal’s (58th on the list) Cellar Door, and that will bring my total up to 18.  Check!  Update:  Yum!

I’d like to say I am looking forward to the weekend, but conference calls at 5 and 6 pm tonight suggest I should wait a bit before I allow the excitement to present.  When those are over, look out.

Hope you have a good one.


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