A Little More

A walk with Frida was cut short when I came upon another stray dog.  No collar and the neighbor across the street from where it was loitering didn’t recognize it.  I used my belt as a leash and brought the stray and Frida home. m

I called police non-emergency to have animal control pick him up.  Two hours passed so I called back.  They said someone had just called and said enough to help me realize I knew where the dog lived (the neighbor across the street was wrong–oops).  As I walked in the direction of the dog’s home I ran into the owners.  Tears shed, hugs (and dog) exchanged and all is good.

I called the police back to cancel the pick up.  I was very pleased to get a “you da man,” because when it comes from the man it really means something.  I won’t hold my breath for my junior deputy badge, but I may prepare a few brief remarks.  As are gay and straight scouts across America, I am (almost) always prepared.

Frida and her new friend played well together.  See?

Happy to have him home, but Frida and I will miss him!  Hope you have as swell a day.


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