Just a Little

I haven’t written because I haven’t done anything new.  It’s not that I am slacking off, but I’ve written before about the projects I am doing now.  You know, the garden did a good job of turning bulbs of garlic into heads of garlic, and I only chopped a few in half as I was harvesting them.  got

I made nut cheese, but instead of making rejuvelac I soaked the cashews in pickle juice (good result and easy when you have a crock of pickles on the counter).  I guess that’s kinda interesting (to me anyway).  The first and maybe only gallon of pickles is in the fridge.  I picked apples at the apartment down the street.  The apples were good, but soft, so I made applesauce (adding cinnamon, lemon juice, agave nectar and salt).  I pedaled my yellow Cannondale around town.  It was a joy to ride and fellow road users were pleasant.  CS

I dropped off cucumbers and green beans at the local fire house (to say thanks again for responding when I got hit on my bike–even though I didn’t need them it was comforting to know they’d be there quickly should the need ever arise).  I bought Lacey a book that I thought she would love, but I don’t think she loves it. sdb

I think it makes her sad.  I probably should have seen that coming.  You lose some, you know?  I bought another book for a 3-year old train addict.  tb

Obviously not age appropriate, but it seemed better than some cartoony kid book that will get digested and tossed in a sitting.  The photographer is from Troy, NY, and lots of the images are from the area.  Like sixty years ago.  Stunning images.  Maybe the boy and his dad can visit the spots in the pictures to see how things have changed (or stayed the same).  I hope the boy enjoys my selection.  A little more than Lacey liked hers.  If not, I will steal it back in a few months when he is napping.  Lots going on with work, too.  So nothing new.

If by now I haven’t lost every reader past, present and future, maybe this will seal the deal.  Our OXO salad spinner broke.  The spinning mechanism came apart.  Reviews suggest this is fairly common and sometimes happens soon after purchase, but ours lasted 6 years.  Do the complainers know that OXO replaces broken goods for life?  I sent them a note and a couple of pictures and they sent me a new spinning mechanism.  Good company, seems to me.  If I am careful with the replacement, we’ll have clean and dry leafy plants to enjoy for another six or more years.

Maybe I should wait to write until something new comes up, but who knows when that’ll be.  Stand by, okay?

6 responses to “Just a Little

  1. Dare I admit that I found this post delightful? The only thing missing was a nice photo of Frida.

  2. Dear Randy,
    I am a secret reader of your very nice posts and to be honest: the more they are about everyday things, the better. No big or new stories needed – so keep these up!
    Dieke (from the Netherlands, who once was at Flag Fen with Lacey, I am not going to say how long ago 😉

    • Hey! Very nice of you to write. I know who you are! Lacey’s spoken of you often. I also know exactly when you met, because I met up with Lacey in Scotland at the end of her time at Flag Fen!

      Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. Nice to know you are out there.


  3. Hello Dieke! I think of you and Flag Fen so often. Randy was the boy who wrote me the whole summer I was there! I have been meaning to write you to find out more about how you have been and what you are doing. We were such babies back then!

    • Hi Lacey, I was going to send you a direct message through FB, but just found out that your account has been deactivated. Social media, not always easy to deal with, I know… Anyway, all is well here and ofcourse I remember Randy (he sent you candy babies), you even invited me to your wedding back then (which was a little too far for me). Hope you are well, on or off FB!

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