As I hoped, the garden gave up a few more cucumbers, some garlic and some dill. Enough to allow me to start fermenting on the counter about five pounds (a little over a gallon) of pickles. We still have one and a half quarts of 2012 pickles (somewhat crunchy and totally delicious) that needs to disappear before these five quarts are ready. The burden of it all.fa

Frida is enjoying the cooler temps. I forced her to stay inside during most of the heat wave, but she did go out in the early morning. She would have toughed it out all day long, heat be damned, and I regularly provided bowls of ice when she was outside, but once she got used to the idea of being in the basement on cool linoleum I think she saw the value of being cool(er).smcu

The Chinese Vegan Kitchen showed me how to make Hunan-Style Smacked Cucumbers. In the category of fun, second only to the eating (despite the picture above, the batch is complete and they are delicious) is the cracking open the cucumber by placing a large knife atop and smacking it with your hand. It took me three times to get mine cracked open. The third smack shot seeds out the cut end. A satisfying mess. Me and this cookbook are going to be fast friends.

I pedaled to the co-op today to drop off five pounds of Japanese cucumbers (those vines are producing!) for the Squash Hunger program. Isn’t that the right name? Can you imagine how many squash they get at the end of the season? I don’t even grow it anymore. Better to be a hero to fellow gardeners and accept a few each time I go to the garden. Lighten their load, you know?
Lacey is doing great in the face of her extraction. Back at work and all. Trooper!

Lunch time! See ya!


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