Sweet Relief

It is all relative and just now I am enjoying the relatively cool temperatures. c

Still humid, but I can’t bring myself to care. Had enough energy to clean the thermometer. Looking at the pic of it in the last post provided strong motivation.

Lacey is resting. She just had her first wisdom tooth removed. They used only a local and a tickle of gas but it came out easily. No bleeding. No stitches. She should have a fast recovery.

On Sunday we went to see a great show up in Saratoga. Ryan Bingham, then My Morning Jacket, Wilco and Bob Dylan to close out the evening. Loved every set, but the Dylan set was extra special. The music was delightful, sure, but the stage craft really warmed my heart. Huge stage lights dropped half way from the ceiling cast a warm yellow glow on the performers and subtle images, more textures really, were projected on the back wall. Very subdued and cool. The upright bass and the players outfits gave the whole thing a 30s or 40s feel. Just loved it.  It was also special getting to hear The Band’s Garth Hudson join Wilco on stage for a couple or three numbers.  He played both accordion and organ.  He has it going on.


Garden has nearly spit out enough cucumbers for the first batch of pickles to go into the crock. Today’s run should put a lid on it. Yesterday I brought home Italian green beans, shelling peas, mustard greens, kale, collards, garlic and green onions and brewed it all into a tomato soup (adding from the store mushrooms, white beans, rice, carrots, celery and tomato sauce). Marjoram, savory, oregano, parsley and basil from the backyard added the right finishing notes. Eating a second bowl in between sentences.

The gentleman to whom I gave the Raleigh Sprite 27 bought a lot of parts from western Mass. He only wanted the freewheels, so I bought from him three derailleurs. A Shimano Titlist is a fine changer to have on hand for a geared beater project that will surely arise in the future. A Shimano Crane GS (with natty black panels) will go into my hoarder’s stash (I think we have two on bikes and four more in reserve). The most interesting, though, is the Campagnolo Valentino. v2

A steel jobby with springs as stiff as any I have ever pushed, it isn’t anyone’s favorite but I am loving it all the same. I spent about 30 minutes palpating it last night. Might have enjoyed it longer, but Lacey was ready for bed. v

Might be awhile before I find a drop out from which to hang it, but it will be there when I am ready.cb

Bought another cookbook! This one from Donna Klein, the author of The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen (which never disappoints). The Chinese Vegan Kitchen seems to follow the same path as The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen in that it purports to present dishes that are naturally vegan–dishes that would be made in a Chinese home without animal ingredients. I just got it home, but the recipes, ingredients and techniques seem spot on. More to come!

Take care of yourselves, okay?


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