How hot is it?

It is so hot, that I just made up this joke and have lost enough judgment that I am sharing it.

Why did the five-year old give his sick lizard Viagra?

Because he heard his dad say it was for a reptile disfunction.

It gets worse.  I am wearing shorts that should be illegal (for a man my age).

Outside at 10:00 3

First floor at 10:00 2

Basement at 10:00 1

It doesn’t sound terribly hot.  It isn’t, really, but five days of 90s in a row without so much as five minute of AC have put a pretty good warp on the attic gears.  The weather person promises a high of 86 tomorrow (supposed to be 97 today) and then a high of 81 on Sunday.  Sweet Jesus!

Be well.


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