Oh my golly.  I had two weeks of extreme work busyness, then a week long vacation in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  No time for writing until just now.

I’ve got to get this off my chest first thing.  It was terrible.  Really terrible.  On the way to the Cape I had two bicycles atop the car.  They were held in place by a Yakima roof rack.  These bicycles didn’t have fenders, so I had installed the carriers that require removal of the front wheel.  Space in the car was limited so I put the wheels on the roof, too.  They were mounted to Yakima fork shaped wheel holders.  I angled the wheel holders a bit backward.  Not sure why.  As we drove, the fork holders laid down a bit more (tight, but not tight enough) so that the wheels were resting on the roof.  At the first rest stop, I checked all the connections but the quick releases holding the wheels in place.  How could I get those wrong?  I am a quick release pro.  Or not.

About thirty minutes after we left the rest stop, at 65 mph, I glanced in the rear view mirror at the moment one of the wheels launched off the roof.  It bounced down the road and came to rest in the center of the divided interstate.  I pulled over walked back about two blocks, crossed the interstate(!!!), got the wheel, crossed back (!!!), walked back to the car and continued our trip.

No one was behind us when the wheel launched.  Only luck there, as the road was generally pretty busy.  Lacey and I were freaked.  Who cares about the wheel (which was perfect–not a scratch).  Imagine what could have happened had the wheel hit a car or a car had swerved to miss it.  Someone could have died.  At a minimum, an accident could have snarled vacationer traffic for hours.  I felt, still feel, terrible.  I am careful, super careful, but still the mistake happened.

I often catch myself lecturing others (in my mind) about the crazy dangerous ways they mount bicycles, beach chairs, gas grills, whatever, on cars.  Usually involves bungie cords.  Lots of bungie cords.  So dangerous.  Still, I have never seen one of those slackers lose anything.  I have only seen me lose a wheel.  Thank my stars, and I won’t be lecturing others in my mind anymore.  Better still, I’ll add a safety strap to secure wheels to the roof in the future.

Onward.  It was really hot in Provincetown when we arrived.  Our place didn’t have AC.  Neither did the Old Colony, but they did have Jack and soda.RnJ

The beach was generally cooler than town, so we went there daily.  Earlier than most.  Usually about 8:30.  By 10:00 every parking place is taken and the beach is full of people.  At 8:30, though, it is pretty much us and the ocean.  Magical.  LoB

We’ve vacationed in Provincetown four years in a row now.  This was the first time the water was warm enough for me to enjoy getting in.  My first swim in the ocean!


I usually just sit in a chair, read or rearrange sand.RmSH

Frida still has no use for the ocean, but the bay side, that is her thing.  No waves to scare her.RnbiB

We were only a block from the bay, so Frida was there twice daily.  She was in heaven.

I had way too much work going on while we were there.  It didn’t ruin the vacation, but it did give me something to grumble about in an otherwise perfect place.  Frida guards me when I get grumpy.  Or maybe she is guarding the world from me.  No matter.RwwF

Work ends each day, though, and beer awaits.  No shortage of beer in Provincetown.  I enjoyed an Ommegang Iron Throne at the Nor-Easter beer garden.   What a swell place.  RnB

Good food, too.  Lacey’s friend Devon set us up with vegan pancakes and the best tofu scramble I’ve ever had at his new place–Devon’s Deep Sea Dive.  A sea food restaurant, but they don’t leave anyone out in the cold.  Nice.LiDD

So that is that.  We’re back and it is hot as all get out.  Work is still busy, but not deathly so.  The garden needs and gets daily attention and is giving up all kinds of goodness.  Cucumbers in abundance.  Not enough to start a batch of pickles yet, but soon.  Haven’t pedaled but for transportation, but I should get out there soon.  Mid July and not a long recreation ride yet.  I am getting that summer is over feeling way too early as usual.  Why do I do that?  Do you do that?  What’s up with that?

Lacey should be home soon, so I will close.  Hope you are well.

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