Sticky Situation

If we have one thing right now, it is humidity.  By the bucketful.  You don’t need fancy scientific instruments to measure it.  My unkempt hair tells the story.  S

Being able to sport a look tending toward natural is part of the psychic pay package of every full time work from home worker.  A part I take very seriously.  There comes a time, though, when enough is enough.  This morning was that time.  A combination of the height of my hair and wanting to do justice to my new glasses had me reaching for the clippers.  c

I’ve cut my own hair since the end of 2008 (coincident with the great softening (of the market)).  I’d used the clippers for tidying before, but not until I added the sawed off and bread tied comb as a guide was I able to reach around to the back of my head and clip away with any measure of confidence.cb

The results are still not perfect (and I won’t show a picture of the back of my head), but a day or so after the hacking things look more or less normal.  I steer the clippers all around the sides and the back.  On the top, I grab handfuls of hair and snip away with scissors.  Since my hair is curly, it doesn’t seem to matter that every tuft I grab ends up being a different length.  It is actually kind of fun.  More fun than making an appointment, waiting for an appointment, transporting myself to an appointment and then paying for the hassle of it all.  T

The specs are Shuron Freeways.  The company is in Greenville, South Carolina.  The glasses say USA, but I am not positive they are made there.  Safe to say the final assembly takes place in the USA, but the parts may be made elsewhere.  I love them all the same.

One last thing.  The neighborhood turkey made his way to our yard yesterday!

That’s enough.  I need lunch and then more desk work.  Bye!


One response to “Sticky Situation

  1. Those are some kick ass clippers. I’m thinking I’m not ever going to a salon again b/c I always leave feeling not completely satisfied. Since I just recently shaved my head and now have no fears about what my hair looks like I think this should be pretty easy 🙂

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