I’ve been busy with work. My boss and his son (who also works at the firm) have passed four deals to me for care and feeding for two weeks. Happy to help, but I’ve been of a single mind lately. phToday, though, some space opened and I made a break for the garden. Peas, radish and a volunteer turnip came home. I also stopped at the mulberry tree for some fruit. Fully operational. mb

Last night I made cheese grits. Served them with roasted fennel and carrots and a Fieldroast hotdog (to fill the salt, fat and general yumminess baskets in one tubular conveyance). Still loving on the grits. I sautéd onions with cumin, then added garlic scapes and mushrooms. To that I added 1/2 C grits and 2 C water. Cooked for about ten minutes, then shut it off. Added salt, pepper and 1/2 C Daiya white shreds. Covered the pot and let it rest for ten minutes while the vegetables finished getting their brown on in the oven. Incredibly scrumptious. Before this I had never even tasted cheese grits. It is an experience worth repeating.


Still busy with work so I will go. Be well.

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