I hosted the Scrabble group last evening and served pierogies made with Lagusta’s recipe. bkp

Clean pates and congratulations from all corners left me with an inflated ego.  One guest even uttered the words that are magic to vegan ears–“I should go vegan.”  Yes you should, kind sir!

The pierogies were filled with beets, sauerkraut and onions.  I made them the day before and thanks to Lagusta’s reheating instructions (how many authors think to give reheating instructions?) they survived the cooling, waiting and rewarming in great shape.  I also roasted fennel and carrots, bought a loaf of squishy white flour rye bread, salted and peppered radishes and put out bowls of sauerkraut and mustard.  Dessert was coconut ice cream with roasted figs in balsamic.  So happy with how it all turned out!

Enough self-promotion.  Big thanks to Lagusta.  Did you know I had a shirt made saying Lagusta is my Hero?  That was when we first went vegan while living in Nebraska.  I hadn’t met her, but her on-line presence was such an inspiration and delight.  If she isn’t yet your hero, I am guessing you haven’t read her words or enjoyed her creations.  Now is the time!

Enjoy Friday and your weekend.


2 responses to “Hooray

  1. Wooo! So happy the recipe is working. Damn I love that recipe!

    This post is making me blush. Have to go splash cold water on my face now. Are you guys coming to the party next weekend???


    • Thanks for writing! You deserve a good blush!

      Party? Would love to make it. It’s all about motivation. Now that the heat is here, and us still without AC, I am pretty a low wattage man just now. Here’s to hoping I get my priorities straight and we make it down south to see you.

      Take care!

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