Sweet Bitter

I pedaled to the new Co-op location.  It being the first day, the place was packed.  I didn’t linger too long–it wasn’t fun to be around so many people all learning how to shop in a new location–but the place is well done.  Best part–they now sell beer.  I picked up a Stone Imperial Russian Stout.  The distributors were still stocking the beer, but I am hopeful they will have a good selection.  Stone is a good start, anyway.  I even got a free cloth bag for being one of the first 1,000 shoppers.  Sweet!

Not so sweet was the bus that close passed me as I pedaled up the hill on Watervliet Avenue toward Central.  I already had a head of steam having watched two short school busses run a solid red light a block back.  Seriously?!  Anyway, back to the bus that mixed it up with me.  That’s him in the picture below (taken a block later).  I saw him coming too close in my rear view mirror and gestured for him to move away from me.  He didn’t get it and instead scowled as he close passed and then pulled even closer when I was at the bus’ mid-point.  By then there were no longer parked cars on my right so I was able to move right to avoid getting brushed.  Pretty sure he didn’t think he couldn’t cross the double yellow to safely pass me even though there was no oncoming traffic.  That, or he doesn’t know or intend to respect the new three foot passing law.  Come to think of it, since he was turning left at the corner (see his lane position and his left blinker?), he had no reason to move right at all.  Just herding me with his bus.  Jerk move.  But maybe I am the only one that sees it that way.  In a world where you can kill a cyclist with your car without earning as much as a traffic citation, well, maybe herding a cyclist with a bus is just good clean fun.125

Not sure I’ll call the bus co.  I’ve had mixed success there and the process tends to delay the letting go that is so important to my mental well being.  A couple of times I’ve been put into voice mail and received no response.  Once, though, they sent a manager to my home to apologize and promise increased training.  Overall the CDTA bus drivers do pretty well.  The few that do close pass get what I mean when I gesture for them to move away and they move further out.  This driver, though, is going to have to get used to seeing more bikes on his route (now that the co-op is open).  Bikers who know (a) to ride four feet from parked cars and (b) vehicles need to leave a minimum of three feet when they pass or wait to pass.  Deal with it!

That’s enough of that.


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