Something Else

Looking at lawn chairs yesterday, I was reminded of a curbside find that had started to come apart.  The aged plastic webbing on the seat had started to tear.  We even had a package of replacement webbing on hand.  I hadn’t jumped right in because it wasn’t obvious how the webbing attached to the chair.  I imagined needing to drill holes in the frame and then attaching the webbing using metal screws (which I didn’t have on hand).

A helpful YouTube video suggested the webbing may be held on by reusable clips.  I was doubtful my chair had clips because there was no evidence of them.  Sure they are tucked under the webbing, but I expected to be able to at least feel them.  I am glad I had the urge to investigate.  One piece of webbing was ripped through nearly all the way, so I cut it free and was happy to uncover a reusable clip.  The clips on this chair are stamped out of sheet aluminum instead of shaped out of steel rod, which is why they were difficult to detect when in place.  Incidentally, Lawn Chair USA uses clips from bent steel rod (like the ones in the video) which seem less likely to tear the webbing as it ages.  That said, my webbing was tearing on the seating area, not at the clips, so maybe the stamped sheet clips are not so much worse.  They sure lay nicely when installed.    c

With the clips, replacing the webbing requires nothing more than a pair of scissors.  I cut lengths of webbing using the old pieces as guides and then pushed a point on one clip through the webbing.  Then a quick weave and the clip procedure is repeated on the other side.  Slick.  cnw

I didn’t have enough webbing to do the whole chair (just a couple of feet short–the roll must have been sold to redo a low-back chair), so I only replaced the three torn pieces on the seat.  I’ll probably need to replace more each season, but that’s ok.  The job is easy and fun and this chair, with the wooden arms and natty rainbow racing accents (the webbing I added is the blue webbing on the seat), is worth preserving.fc

Enough of that.  Time to start my day for real.  Take care.


4 responses to “Something Else

  1. Hi! Thanks for your pics and comments on your chair you re-webbed. I recently picked up a chair similar to yours but it needs some re-webbing too, and it has the same exact clips your chair has, but is missing some of those clips, and being as old as they are, don’t know if anyone carries those same kind of clips anymore, if they don’t carry them anymore, hope that any clips will work on this old chair, is my concern. Thanks!

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