We get Better Homes and Gardens without paying for it.  Not sure why, but the bigger mystery is why a year ago I looked at the first one and why I enjoy each issue so much.  It is not a page by page love affair, much of it doesn’t do much for me, but something always catches my eye.  This time it was the lawn chairs made in Walthourville, Georgia.  ???????????????????????????????

Started in 2010, Lawn Chair USA turns out proper aluminum framed chairs with colorful webbing.  They even sell kits to reweb your chairs if you wear them out.  Their chairs surely beat the awful ones that come in a bag and seem to be the only game in too many retail towns.  I see a couple Lawn Chair USA chairs in our future.  You?

Even some of the recipes catch my eye.  I will probably give this month’s recipe for Strawberry Coconut Cream Soda a try.  I don’t give away people’s recipes without permission, but they share it here.  I wonder if the sugar gets well incorporated using their technique.  I’d consider blending half of the berries, sugar and coconut milk to get it well combined and then adding the remaining berries and soda at the end.  Either way, it sounds delicious.


6 responses to “Swell

  1. very pretty chairs…..one thing that we don’t need but will tell my friends…Love, Mom

  2. Love the lawn chairs, good idea. Randy, we’re going to Niewedde and Vollstedts reunions in a week, we’ll be in Omaha for a day, any good ideas for vegetarian or vegan restaurants? Thanks, cousin Deb

    • Thanks! We haven’t been to Omaha for eight years, but when we were there we enjoyed McFosters. Also, it looks like VeganOmaha.com has a comprehensive restaurant guide. Safe travels!

  3. Thanks, happy summer

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