Consistently Noisy

The weekend gave me a moment to rip Parts & Labor’s 2006 release Stay Afraid. As you can see, time spent listening to this work is time well spent.  But for a very few seconds, full volume sound is delivered from start to finish.  Good show.

nQuieter moments were spent at the community garden.  Lacey and I made a picnic breakfast to enjoy there on Saturday morning.  Highlight for me was our first use of the vintage Thermos King Steeley thermos.  Ours was made in Norwich, Connecticut.  New offerings come from China.  No photos of the spread (muffins, coffee, fruit and nuts), so this photo of Lacey playing at being a bunny will have to

The strawberries are small but delicious.  The largest and most ripe examples are all pre-nibbled by someone (maybe the baby rabbit I unintentionally sprinkled while watering a few days back).  I also picked more radishes and a few garlic scapes and thinned rows of beets and cabbage.  h

A little more before I let you go–Julie Hasson’s Vegan Diner guided me through the very simple process of making my first seitan pastrami.  An amazing taste highlighted by fennel, caraway and copious amounts of black pepper.  p

I didn’t weigh it, but my best guess is I have a two-pound loaf.  I’ve seen very small portions, let’s say four ounces, of seitan for sale at the co-op for six or eight bucks.  If that is the correct measure of value, I made about $50 of pastrami with ingredients costing maybe a fiver.  Magic, I tell you.

Thus concludes today’s public diary entry.  Be well.


2 responses to “Consistently Noisy

  1. Your pastrami is delicious!!!!

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