I wanted greens to go with yesterday’s spicy chickpeas, and the garden isn’t giving up kale yet, but for the last two weeks radish tops have been reliably at hand.  I turned again to the Indian Vegan Kitchen and pretty quickly had radish tops with tofu to add to the beans, rice and bread already in the fridge.  gl

I needed a good lunch as I pedaled a bale of  hay to the garden (then continued on to the FedEx drop box and the co-op–maybe as many as five feel-the-burn miles).  The dry bale I pedaled there earlier in the week was a breeze.  This well soaked bale, though, was another matter.  Had to be twice the weight and well over the trailer’s limit.  I pedaled even more slowly and smoothly and seem to have avoided damaging anything.  Sorry, Burley!  I’ll be better next time.  Like maybe I won’t age hay bales on the side of the house during weeks of heavy rain.  Stinky!ga

I am going to keep this short.  I should be outside in the sun.  Sweet, sweet sun!  Happy Friday.

2 responses to “Accrual

  1. You are my hero!!!

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