Indoor Sports

It is supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow.  So far, so true.  No lightning so you know the hifi is on.  I am going through LPs that came into my collection from I don’t know where.  I had set aside some of these records to pass along but wanted to give them one listen.  Can’t say for sure I haven’t played them before.  It is possible I repeat this procedure every five years.  No matter.  Eternal sunshine (in my mind).nr

The keepers?  Cat Mother and the All-Night Newsboys, Greg Copeland, Santana, Dead Boys, Sandy Denny, Joy of Cooking and NRBQ.  That’s NRBQ above in 1978!  The guy on the left is Al Anderson whom I just discovered wrote Ridin’ in my Car which I first heard in 2010 on She & Him’s Volume Two.  I would not likely have discovered this fun for me fact without listening to the original pressing of NRBQ’s At Yankee Stadium.  When the album was re-released the song was omitted.  More?  This album was recorded just south of here at Bearsville Studios.  The link is worth a read, so click on it already.

Still to review are Steve Hackett, The Churls and Lindisfarne.  I am glad I saved these records as long as I have.  Most of them are well outside of my comfort zone but today that is exactly what I want.  Too many days I listen to shuffled songs on a one-dimensional collection of music on my

I can’t sit still through all those records without doing something so I made a labor-intensive lunch of spicy chickpeas (Madhu Gadia’s The Indian Vegan Kitchen never disappoints) and grilled Lebanese flatbread (grabbed from the NYT’s site). lu 

The dough rises for an hour so I started there.  While the yeast was eating sugar and passing gas, I put in place all the ingredients for the chickpeas.  That dish ended with a ten minute reduction during which time I rolled out, oiled up, spice dusted and grilled the eight breads.  A one man assembly line that would have made Henry Ford proud (even if we aren’t proud of him).  One eighth of that eaten, all that remains is clean

Might need to walk Frida under an umbrella.  We miss only two or three walks a year and today isn’t bad enough to be one of them.  Correction–Frida thinks today does merit a pass.  We made it two blocks, stood for five minutes and then returned home.  Can’t say I mind.

Stay dry as best you can.


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