Although I do 90% of our shopping at the co-op, I stop at a big box grocery once a month to buy seltzer, baked beans, Mrs. Renfro’s green salsa and TP.  Used to be a Chopper shopper, but when I found ShopRite sold Victoria Vegan’s Vegan Alfredo Sauce, I became a ShopRite shopper.  Precarious loyalty, yes, but the Vegan Alfredo Sauce is pretty swell.   I could make it myself, and I have, but sometimes I love just opening a can or in this case a jar.

Enough with the confessions.  This post is about beans.  Steve’s & Ed’s Original Vegetarian Baked Beans, to be precise.sna

I was excited to find the can on a shelf at ShopRite.  I loved the label and assumed it had been that way since the 50s or so.  Legit.  The net thinks otherwise.  The first use of the brand was in 1992 and it the brand was trademarked in 2008.  Hardly an original.

I can only find references to the beans for sale at ShopRite.  My best guess is ShopRite creates house brands to sell on their shelves in lieu of simply adding a ShopRite label.  Caught me, anyway.  I wouldn’t often buy a house brand, but this I snatched right up.

Label said it is distributed by Master Foods in Springfield, NJ.  I read that too quickly and assumed the manufacturer was in New Jersey.  I now know I have no idea where the beans are made.  There is even a URL on the can,, but there is nothing at that address.

Looks like Master Foods uses the label for other products, too.  Here is a not favorable review of their “Original Hot Dog Chili Sauce.”  Incidentally, the beans I just ate were fine.  Better than I’d expect from a low cost house label.  Still, I’ll go back to Bush’s, thankyouverymuch.  That concludes my Geraldo Rivera imitation.

Over and out.


2 responses to “Marketing

  1. Love reading your in-depth product reports. I do the same thing, but not many people do. (By the way, I love your new broom.)

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