Make Mine a Harper

My trusty push broom broke this winter.  Despite a decade of hard use, it was going strong until the metal piece that connects the handle to the broom snapped.  I tried to find a replacement handle, but didn’t have any luck.  The push brooms at the local stores didn’t seem much better.  Worse actually.  The net introduced me to Harper Brush.  Made in America and totally butch.  I called the local janitorial supply to see if they carried Harper.  They didn’t and their two offerings didn’t trip my trigger.  So Amazon hooked me up.1

Isn’t it swell?  Love the painted accents.  Also loved putting it together.  That for me is usually the beginning of a good relationship–all the parts and hardware and high quality and go together without a fuss.2

Sweeps like the dickens, too.  Get thee to Harper Brush and you, too, will have the hottest broom on your block.  3

Need a bit more incentive?  How about a little background?  Harper, located in Fairfield, Iowa, had been a family owned business for 110-years, but in 2012 they placed themselves in  bankruptcy.  Cequent Consumer Products of Solon, Ohio, showed up on white horses to acquire Harper’s assets at the end of the year.  Three cheers for Cequent.



2 responses to “Make Mine a Harper

  1. You look so handsome holding that broom!!!!

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