My neighbor hooked me up!  As I passed with Frida, she gave me the flowers and the rhubarb.  f

The same woman from whose curb I picked up the sweeper and the outdoor path light.  How to repay?

Thinning the radishes at the community garden gave us a few to eat.  Last night we enjoyed a little volunteer cilantro on our black bean burritos, but this will be the first home grown produce of the season.r

I think I heard my first brood II cicadas yesterday at Buckingham pond.  Just a couple, but they were making the ufo sounds I’ve read about.  Very different from the sounds made by the annual cicadas.  That said, according to this map, I may be hearing something else.  Not sure what impact last night’s crazy heavy rains will have on the emergence of others.  We have some awfully warm days coming up, though.  If they are down there, I’ll bet they’ll be out very soon.

Gosh.  I guess that is it.  Have a good one!


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