Not Sure

Years ago a new to me yellow Bridgestone RB-1 arrived at my door.  It was in perfect condition but for a small flat spot on the rear wheel.  The rim had a tiny dent (not something you could fix with truing).  The Downtube has a tool that can pull flat spot out of rims, but I’d save that for steel rims (spooky to use on brittle aluminum).  The bike was totally ridable, but I could feel the flat spot as I rode.  Thump, thump, thump, mile after mile.

Since the bike is very close to stock, a survivor, I wanted a matching replacement rim.   An eBay search for Ritchey Vantage Comp finally netted a complete set of wheels from an RB-1.  They showed up yesterday and on first inspection looked pretty close to perfect.  Mostly clean.  The rims were round and true and very lightly used judging by the nearly unmarked braking surfaces.  The bearings were smooth, too.  Still, I wanted to give the rear wheel a good once over before I put it on my bicycle.

With the wheel in the truing stand, I noticed the spokes were really loose.  About half the tension of similar wheels.  That was easy to correct.  Then I removed the cassette and opened the bearings.  Cleaned the bearings and races and put that back together with fresh grease.  All good, but with the cassette off, there became visible some pretty serious damage to the outboard spokes on the drive side.  The wheel didn’t have a spoke protector and the chain had been dumped off the top of the cassette.  Maybe more than once.   That, or the rider tried to get the chain back on while still riding.  Maybe they shifted and then tried to pedal forward (grinding away at the spokes).  Anyway, the spokes were well chewed up.  s

They may have held up to the amount of use the bicycle will see in my possession, but I had on hand eight Wheelsmith double butted spokes in a 294mm length (exactly the same spokes that were used to build the wheel).  What are the odds?  I put those in, retrued the wheel and stress relieved the spokes.  Spoke protectors aren’t such a bad idea, so I moved over to the new wheel the one from the old wheel.  Good as new!

Oh.  After lunch I dropped a chefs knife while washing it.  Of course I sharpened it yesterday.  I knew not to catch it, but it spun around on it’s way into the sink and put a pretty nice cut into the pad of my pinkie.  I got the bleeding to stop after some time with a single butterfly bandage, but I was on the fence as to whether I should go to the doc in the box.  Didn’t.  Should be ok, but gosh I hate cuts.

A real pisser of a storm blew through last night.  Frida was beside herself.  We tried to snuggle the scared out of her, but she was  mostly inconsolable.  Sitting up each time thunder sounded and panting–so much panting.  Then the shaking started.  She even wanted to go outside a couple of times in the middle of the night (in between fronts).  Not sure what time we got to sleep (Lacey says she finally noticed stillness when the clock showed 5:15).  It was a rough night.  Frida slept the day away today.  Poor girl.  At least our home is still here.  Oh, dear Oklahoma!

Hope your day is swell.


4 responses to “Not Sure

  1. I wish I could have snuggled with both of you today! Sleeeeepy!

  2. Sorry you cut yourself but thank goodness you didn’t try to catch the knife. Hope it heals properly.

    • Thank you for writing and the kind wishes. Still waiting to drop one on a barefoot toe. I know I shouldn’t handle knives without stout shoes on, but then life happens. Take care!

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