I Sometimes Love Cars

Other times, not so much.  The windshield on Lacey’s Fit developed a long crack.  Our insurance deductible is high to save on premiums.  High enough that we had to pay the entire replacement cost.  No biggie, since that is the bargain we struck and this is our first claim in more than a decade.

I wanted the replacement windshield to be installed by the dealer (to be sure I’d get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass).  The dealer said they farm out the work to a company and that I was welcome to call them directly.  I did and the work is done.

It all seemed pretty cool, except I forgot to ask what glass would be used.  When he showed up, I asked.  He said PPG (now known as Pittsburgh Glass Works since it was spun off and they also make auto glass under the Pilkington name).  Don’t know if Honda uses PPG, but from what I can tell many people think PPG glass is the one you want.  This I learned after the fact.

At the time I was dealing with the installer, I recognized the PPG name and didn’t want to make a stink so I said fine.  When he left, I inspected the glass.  It doesn’t say PPG, PGW or Pilkington.  It says SGC.  That’s Safelite Glass Corporation.  I think SGC glass is among the cheapest glass available and I’ve read some pretty underwhelming reviews.  In any event, misrepresentations don’t sit well with me.  Next time I will find a new glass guy.  I will also ask up front about the glass to be used and check it before it is installed.  This shouldn’t be so difficult.  I guess it isn’t that difficult.  I just need to educate myself about everything and then be more vigilant.  

Called my insurer to ask about buying a waiver of the deductible for glass.  It was $2.50 for six months on Lacey’s car.  $3.70 for six months on mine.  Really cheap.  What do you get for so little premium?  They’ll pay the full cost for replacement Safelite glass (waiving the deductible otherwise applicable to the comprehensive policy).  They call it Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE).  Hmm.  I can make a claim, though, and pay the excess to get OEM glass.  So I went for the waiver on both cars.  Worse thing that happens is I give a bit more money to my insurer.

Cars.  Harrumph.

In happier news, I did sell the Bridgestone MB-2.  Immediately sad though, too.  The last bike I sold was resold and then crashed (fork bent toward frame).  I spotted the damage in a picture on Craigslist.  I hope this bike has a happier life.  I probably care too much for things, but I don’t think it has messed up my life too badly.  Lacey may have a slightly less charitable opinion.  You’d have to ask her when I am not around.  I try to keep it in check.  I should try a little harder.

Take care.

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