Throw it on the Pile

I was rolling around the strip mall waiting for Lacey’s haircut to end.  The Meat House hasn’t yet stocked the Fee Brother’s bitters I suggested.  Really is a perfect fit for their customers and they’d be the exclusive Albany sellers.  Oh well.  The book store offered Mérida Anderson’s Vegan Secret Supper and I accepted.

Looked a little fancy for my taste, but I liked the ingredients she was using.  Then the recipe for fermented cashew cheese hooked me.  The cheese requires 4-1/2 days  if everything behaves as expected, and in my case that worked

A really marvelous result!  Not better than the offerings I have enjoyed from Punk Rawk Labs and Treeline, but nearly as good.  I filled a paper lined tin with the batch, but had left over a quarter cup.  That I rolled in black pepper.  A penny for scale.ccs

I’ve also made a blackbean soup with a coconut milk sour cream.  Both were exceptional.  This cookbook looks like another winner.

The potential buyer of the Bridgestone MB-2 confirmed he wants it and should be by Monday to pick it up.  One less bike!  There’s a t-shirt I could get behind (except that 99.9% of the population would misinterpret it).

Speak to you soon.


2 responses to “Throw it on the Pile

  1. Christina Abbott

    kudos on successful cashew cheese making! looks gooooooooood!

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