Gave my friend a ride to get her car.  Saw this on the lot.850

A BMW 850.  Still has the analog BMW cell phone on the center console.  Thank goodness it is not for sale (but there is one for sale on the other coast at a tempting price point).  How about a contest?  First person to guess the original owner of the car pictured above will receive my personal copy of Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar.  mm

I know!  What a prize!  One guess per reader.  I’ll pay shipping to continental US addresses only.  Contest closes May 24, 2013.  Don’t know of this Marjorie Morningstar?  You should! From the inside cover.


It’s a swell summertime read.  A clue (as to the car’s original owner) seems sporting–a celebrity with ties to the capital district, he regularly wore a robe at work.

Walking Frida I enjoyed noticing the brick work on this home.  Look close for the wave pattern.  Very nice!bricks

Might be selling a bicycle.  Don’t want to jinx it, but isn’t it grand?  It isn’t a trailer queen so I don’t mind selling it to someone who means to pedal it on rides with his six year old son.  Still, it is a very capable machine and should, if cared for, provide years if not decades of faithful service.Bridgestone MB-2 05.17.13

In preparation for the sale, I added high pressure slicks, tuned it up, gave it a nice surface cleaning, swapped the toe clipped pedals for MKS touring pedals (the potential buyer would be pedaling in tennis shoes) and reinstalled the quick release seatpost clamp (so that he can easily raise the seat after he reacquaints himself with the joys of pedaling).  Of course I fell in love with it again.  Happens every time I wrench on a bicycle.  So no worries if it doesn’t work for the buyer.  I’ll enjoy loving it a bit longer.  Trivia?  If memory serves, Mike Flanigan of the ANT bike Mike Flanigans pedaled this model (but surely not this example as mine was purchased from an owner in Omaha after spotting a listing in the classifieds in the local newspaper on newsprint which I was holding in my hands) on a long voyage east (from where I don’t recall–let’s say either Texas or the other coast) to seek employment in the bicycle industry.  Seems to have worked out nicely, don’t you think?

Lunch time!  Happy Friday!


One response to “Assorted

  1. The contest is closed with zero responses! Marjorie Morningstar doesn’t do it for you? Your loss! No hard feelings. Check it out from your library. The answer? Mike Tyson!

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