This is Going to End Badly

Another treasure from my neighbor’s curb–a Bissell Flight made in Grand Rapids, Michigan!  Metal, wood and rubber.  Then the bristles.  Are they critter sourced?  Maybe.  Can’t tell.  Still love it.b

Wasn’t as much fun to clean up as the light fixture.  The whole thing is held together with rivets so I can’t take it apart.  I did clean the heck out of it, though.  Used vacuums are just a tiny bit creepy.  You want your dirt in there (not someone else’s).

I’ve tested it on the living room rug.  Works like a charm!  Why?  It makes no sense.  It is too simple.  Too old.  No electricity.  It was at the curb!  It doesn’t add up.  Magic.  That’s my guess and I am sticking to it.

Breaking Update:  I spoke to the previous owner of the sweeper.  Thanked her for it and asked why she put it at the curb.  She said it was too heavy.  She got a new one that is smaller and lighter.  Kind of surprising to me.  The sweeper is heavy, but the previous owner is tough as all get out.  A survivor of the holocaust!

Other?  Being with Lacey.  Gardening.  Pedaling around town.  Music listening.  Working, too.  It is all good, and then better in the sunshine.

Be well.


2 responses to “This is Going to End Badly

  1. I used to be so fascinated with those things when I saw people use them in movie theaters. I kinda want one now.

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