As I knelt to reset a modem tucked behind our dresser, I noticed that Frida’s old bed, on which my knees were resting, wasn’t very comfy.  Very little cushion.  Frida sometimes sleeps on the wood floor, so maybe cushion isn’t important to her.  That, or maybe her old bed wasn’t much better than the floor.  I wondered about that for all of a day, then I ordered her a new bed from Wiggy’s.fb

Gosh it’s lofty comfy.  She boycotted it for a day, but now she doesn’t want to get out of it.  The wagging in the video below isn’t joy.  More that she saw me coming and was charming me so I wouldn’t ask her to move.

Sound in the background?  Lacey brushing her teeth.  A very vigorous brusher.  The bed is covered in nylon, like a sleeping bag cover, only heavier.  That’s not what you are seeing in the picture.  We’ve covered the bed with a sheet which we can more easily wash.  Probably not necessary, but why not?

Thanks again to Wiggy’s for another great product!


4 responses to “Success

  1. Frida looks so relaxed and happy. That picture is adorable!

  2. Darling. I’m so glad she is thriving under your excellent tlc!

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