Activity levels have picked up along with the temperatures.  I am giving daily attention to the community garden.  It is only a quarter planted, but that quarter is doing well (all but the beet seeds have sprouted).   cg

The brown pillow is a tarp filled with dried grass.  My neighbor shares her bounty each spring so that I can spread it around the garden to suppress weeds.  I was able to get that thing in my station wagon without leaving so much as a single reed.  Much better than last year (when I stuffed the grass into the back of Lacey’s Fit, sans tarp.  You know I vacuumed it all up as soon as I got home, but I still felt bad.  Disrespectful.

The stick stomper took a few days off and then stomped the same corner a third time yesterday afternoon/night (I found them this morning).  I replaced the sticks and added six more at the spot.  A silly way for the two of us to be spending our time, don’t you think?s

I started the rest of the plants for the garden in the basement, on propagation mats and under lights.  They are now outside getting used to real world conditions before I plant them in the ground near the end of May.

Yesterday I had fun reconditioning a vintage cast aluminum yard lamp.  I found it on a pile on my neighbor’s curb.l

The paint was chipped, mostly gone, and the plug had been run over by a lawn mower.  I disassembled it, cleaned it, glued a broken part of the globe (the separated piece was still in there), gave it three coats of rattle can (wanted to remove all the paint, to leave it raw, but what remained was well stuck), replaced the plug and added a rubber grommet to seal the juncture between the cord and the lamp.  The bulb that was in it is still working.  A yellow one that is meant to prevent bugs from gathering.  I looked around the net to see if I could assign a date to the thing.  Now I am getting ads for repros on most every web page I visit.  ll

The mail carrier delivered She & Him’s Volume 3 yesterday.  I forgot that the first so many LPs to be shipped would be on blue vinyl.  3

Hope it sounds as good as it looks (I think colored vinyl might not sound as good as virgin black, but I am too lazy to look for confirmation).  Tilly and the Wall contribute vocals on three of the tracks and Mike Watt plays bass on another track!

I just noticed you can order the album as a cassette.  I haven’t seen that in a long while.  Could cassettes replace vinyl for some fashion chasers?  Maybe.  I still have my Walkman.  Two actually.  M. Ward may like the hiss.  Much as I respect his work, I don ‘t think I’ll be hopping on that wagon.  How I hated moving between songs with the forward and back buttons!

Skyrim is back in my life.  I broke down and ordered my own copy.  Mixed feelings.  I played yesterday for the first time in ten or so days.  Still fun, but I hope I play less.

Yesterday afternoon Lacey, Frida and I picnicked in Washington Park with my cousins.  The place was lovely and packed.  Albany packed (not NYC packed).  I got a parking space within ten seconds of forming the idea that I wanted one.  We were twenty yards away from our nearest blanket mates.  Under big shade trees  and a stone throw away from the fountain and the tulips.  Pretty special time.  Glad my cousins texted the suggestion.  Glad for cousins.

Oh!  Get the new app for Albanians.  AlbanyWorks4U.  Use it to report problems to the city, track progress, see other issues reported and vote for problems reported by others.  Could have used it this morning when I reported a leaking water fountain at Rosemont Park.  Called, which should work fine, but with the app I won’t have to enjoy a conversation with a city worker who seemed bothered by my interruption.  Three cheers for faceless, and voiceless, appService.

That’s enough.  Time to listen to Volume 3.  Take care.


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  1. You are so smart and cute!!!

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