Our twenty year old ironing board cover started to disintegrate.  Happy that my first thought was Etsy.  I found City Chic Country Mouse from St. Paul who sewed up a lovely cover for us.  ibc

Really exceptional design and stitching.  Even the packaging was a delight.  A note on a doily and a velum envelope with a swatch of the fabric (presumably so I can take it to the  store to pick out fabric for matching drapes).  I am sure the cover will last at least twenty years.  Thanks, folks!  Still not excited to iron but when the need arises I’ll enjoy the view.

The community garden is mostly going well.  Someone or something stomped on my border of sticks two days in a row.  Just a corner, but the same spot both days.  The first time I didn’t mind, but the repeat business kind of makes me sad.  Pretty sure I haven’t angered anyone.  Strange.  Glad my vitamin D tanks are filled to the top.

Five new Mofi LPs showed up.  Two from The Band (Rock of Ages and Stage Fright), Dylan and The Band’s Basement Tapes, Elvis Costello’s This Years Model, and Keb’ Mo’s untitled first release (1994).  The hifi is warming up now.  Can’t wait to dig in.  New LPs from She & Him and Eleanor Friedberger are on the way, too, as are four new to me Game Theory LPs (I’ve only owned and heard Big Shot Chronicles, which was the LP that was out when I saw them play in the space last occupied by  Dietz’s Music House in Lincoln, Nebraska).  I’ve got a lot of listening to do!  Couldn’t be happier.

Anything else?  I hosted the Scrabble group last night.  I put on a really good show with food from the Vegan Diner cookbook.  BBQ sandwiches came out beautifully.  Julie Hasson has you make a smokey seitan loaf by forming the dough into a log, tying it up in cloth and steaming it.  The loaf was amazing.  My old recipe had me boiling chunks in water.  The results, while yummy, weren’t as fun as ending up with a firm and well formed loaf.  Oh ya!  I have one third of a loaf left.  Nice, huh?  sl

Half a loaf fit perfectly in the Cuisinart’s chute and the 4mm slicing disk made really terrific slices (some whole and others shredded for a handworked look without the work).  I tossed the seitan in a bowl with olive oil, grilled it on a griddle, then added Julie’s Rough Rider BBQ sauce at the end, giving it time to caramelize.  The thinner bits of seitan got crunchy, so the overall texture resulted in a really good analog.  q

I made Julie’s sandwich slaw to put on top, which was a good thing as I added to her BBQ sauce a bit too much cayenne.  The BBQ sauce was perfectly edible for me and no one else complained.  Maybe I got the heat right.  Anywho, the slaw was the prefect addition.  Not too sweet and the celery seed added a nice note.  Julie’s Old-Fashioned Hamburger Rolls also came out well.  It was my first time making yeast bread with white flour.  How’s that possible?  Is that even true?  It’s my blog so my memory holds court.  White flour is certainly fun for a change.  Not done yet!  Julie’s garlic dill potato salad was also amazing.  You make mayo starting with silken tofu and add a bunch of great flavors to end up with a really nice creamy sauce.  ql

Still more.  I made beach cookies from Chloe’s Vegan Desserts.  Those went really well with the comforting food theme for which I was aiming.  Wow.  I am getting hungry.  Glad I made a ton so I can have leftovers for lunch.  Fifteen minutes, man!  You can hold out!  It was an awful lot lot of work but the clean plates made it worth every minute.  Big thanks to Julie and Chloe!

Dandelion season has opened.  Here’s my best pull today.dl

Last bit.  Yes!  This post is going to end!  I love this more than I should.  It’s heartwarming when someone gives a bunch of love to a budget bike.  The bike feels the love, too.  It is positively glowing.  Totally useful, too.  I wonder what you have to offer to have the book rack left on it?  Shame to take it off, really.  Looks so good!  If he were local, I’d buy it for my friend Tom.  He’d really appreciate it and could make it go as fast as anyone.  I’m imagining the video I’d make.  Wildly spinning legs.  Big reflective smile.  Index finger aloft.  Summer pedaling!

The hifi is ready.  Gotta go.   Have a great weekend.


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