Vitamin D


My first day in the garden was a hum dinger.  I raked leaves with a leaf rake.  I cleared weeds with a bow rake.  I dug up five rows with a spade (I’m taking a break from no till gardening as my soil was getting terribly compacted).  I further loosened soil in the rows with a loop hoe.  I made the rows into raised mounds using compost.  Then I planted peas, beets, radishes, round head cabbage (for sauerkraut) and Chinese cabbage (for kimchi).  The work really took it out of me!  A shower, lunch, lots of water and a good chair are working wonders, though.r2

The seeds in the basement are doing well.  Let’s see if I can remember them.  Kale, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, celery, hungarian wax peppers, two kinds of cucumbers for pickles (the tried and true and a new candidate) and Japanese cucumbers.  Eight flats.  That’s it!r3

Yesterday I enjoyed a roll around the neighborhood on my Rivendell road bike.  That is one fine machine.  Not sure I deserve it, but I do enjoy it.  Maybe someday I’ll string together enough long rides to get strong so I can give that bicycle the nice long and fast ride it deserves.  Until then, it is awfully nice to look at.

Hope you have a chance to get outside today.





2 responses to “Vitamin D

  1. Randal, These posts always really make me want a dog. However, unlike Frida, any dog of mine would be stuck sitting in the house alone all day Monday through Friday. I know that’s a very common situation, but I’m not OK with it. So… no dog for me. Maybe when I retire. One more thing to look forward to!
    ps- We need to disc golf. Soon.

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