Hauled the hoses to the community garden today. Time to get after it! Pedaling home a dude passed me at an intersection. I was turning left and was stopped in the left hand side of the right lane. He passed to my left (in the lane for oncoming traffic), ran the stop sign and turned to the right in front of me (onto one of Albany’s busiest streets). He had to spin his wheels to avoid getting t-boned by an oncoming car (one of the reasons I was stopped). Course he was on his cell phone. What. A. Tool.

Happy to hear that Anthony Foxx has been nominated to serve as Secretary of Transportation. Bike bloggers and activists everywhere are busy guessing where he is on pedaling. There are a few pictures of him on a bicycle here and there and here. I’m going to guess that he really rides based on his proper helmet placement and strap adjustments. Politicians trying to grab the spotlight by pedaling once a year are pretty likely to wear the helmet on the back of their head, yarmulke style, and leave the straps loose. Like this. Long Beach mayor’s bicycle chops are questionable, but he does have a well adjusted helmet. Fort Worth’s mayor has it going on, but could still benefit from a little helmet strap adjustment advice. Seattle’s mayor appears to be beyond reproach. Gotta love Flagstaff’s mayor rocking ape hangers. Kind of in a glass house here, though, as I can’t find a picture of our long time mayor anywhere near a bicycle. Still love the story about our mayor on a stroll downtown literally collaring a perp along the way. Tough! Why can’t I find the story on the net? Is it true? Point me there if you can tease it loose from the web-acles (this is mash up of web and tentacles–obviously–test (eeww) would have been web-icles).

Also happy to hear Italy is busy buying bicycles. Sorry it is because they are broke, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.

That’s enough of that.



4 responses to “Fever

  1. Thanks for the links to Cyclelicious, and it looks like you’ve got some good stuff here.

    The guy who ran the stop sign at the intersection: on bike or in car?

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