In as many weeks.

Ordered a Belhaven Wee Heavy and received something that tasted like a mass produced American lager.  Only the joint didn’t serve any mass produced American lagers.  I mentioned the mix up to the waitress and she brought me a Wee Heavy.  This I know.

Ordered a Goose Island 312 and received something that tasted like a mass produced American lager.  Could 312 be that plain?  Not sure I’ve ever had it, but I think I have.  I know I’ve had both the Marisol and the Matilda at Frontera in O’Hare.   The Marisol and Matilda are both huge.  I know the 312 should be much smaller, but I wouldn’t think it would be as flaccid as the beer I was served.  They did have mass produced American lagers  on tap.  Did I get the wrong beer?  I just don’t know.

Ordered a Lagunita’s Little Sumpin Sumpin.  The one I sampled a couple of days back and that knocked my socks off.  The full pint in front of me tasted like a very good IPA, but nothing like the sample (as I remembered it, which was sweeter–more malty).  I asked the keep if he might have pulled a Lagunita’s IPA instead.  He assured me he hadn’t and then gave me a sample of the Lagunita’s IPA.  I tasted both back to back and couldn’t tell the difference.  He couldn’t either.  Huh.  Could they have replaced the keg I sampled with something wrong?  The keep disappeared for a moment.  Did he go check the keg?  I just don’t know.

Who cares, really, but it is strange and not necessarily good that for the first time in my life I have had so many beers  I am starting to have  strong opinions and expectations.  As can be expected, my expectations are sometimes not met.  Not too long ago I would order a beer, assume I got what I asked for, decide whether I liked it or not and then more or less forgot about the experience.  I didn’t have much of a taste memory.  Maybe I still don’t.  I just don’t know.  I might go buy a couple of six packs to audit the tap beer I received.  No harm in that.

I have to get Lacey up.  See if she is into a little tweed ride that is going off this morning.  Too bad the ride is so early on a Spring day.  It will be lovely this afternoon, but just now it is only 40.  Early makes sense for less traffic.  That’s surely what the organizer has in mind.  My guess is we won’t make it.  Too bad, because  I could use a little community just now.  Lacey and I vote as a block, though, and polls won’t close until the other voter wakes up.

Wish me luck!




2 responses to “Thrice

  1. I like that you vote as a block….sounds like our house!

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