I am sure it is lovely, but

Found a page of the NYT while walking Frida. 600 gee for a 1948 Vincent? Why not just call Leno? Jeesh.


Update:  This post was the first I did while walking.  Stupid.  I should be caring for Frida.  Nothing happened, but still.  Anyway, I am home now and thought I’d check my opinion of the correct sale price for such a motorbike.  I had $50,000 in mind (as a high end number that someone may wish to get when selling such a fine motorcycle).  Found this to support my guess, so I will quit looking while I am ahead.  So how’d they arrived at $600,000?  Turns out this bike has a story, and its a good one, but I will stand by to see if anyone thinks this story is worth a $550,000 premium.


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