It is not (entirely) my fault

Spelling?  I’d give myself a B (because I am kind to myself), but I am trying.  Mostly since I  play Scrabble with wicked smart men and it is embarrassing to fail at basic words.  Yesterday I blew neutrino in a game with Lacey.  I tried nutrino for a bingo, but Lacey called me on it.  Also played gandy, as in gandy dancer, but Lacey called me on that, too.  Slang, apparently.  Sigh.

I just noticed this spelling lesson as I rearranged my pantry (for the first time today).2p

Chilpotle?  I thought I was doing well since I learned to avoid chipolte.  McDonald’s has played a high stack of chips on chipotle.  Frontera, the Scrabble dictionary and the WordPress spell check agree.  Based on some not rigorous research,  I am now going with chilpotle.  ¡Viva la morena!

Best get to it.  Rip it up this week, ok?


4 responses to “It is not (entirely) my fault

  1. You are the cutest!!!

  2. I’ve noticed this chilpotle/chipotle thing before (I really like La Morena brand!), but I absolutely cannot ABIDE “chipolte.” (Sorry, my friend.) And people say it probably once a day in the shop when we have our chipotle-caramelized onion truffles. Sigh.

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