Baby Steps

I’ve enjoyed the winter on rollers.  So much so that I am having trouble getting excited to head outside.  I’ve had a couple of lazy rolls around the pond on my coaster brake ANT, but that’s about it.  Strange.  Hope I get over it.  The weather is really shaping up.  Warm enough to coax Frida’s tongue from her mouth as we walk.  F

Here’s the prettiest bicycle I’ve seen in a long while.  Nice to see Mike is still cranking out the hits.  If I saw it in person and the owner turned her back, I’d ooch the nose of the saddle down a bit, though.  The thing is pointed skyward even with the rear wheel raised on the center stand.  ANT

Also nice to see people, so many swell people, out last night at the celebration for five years of All Over Albany.  Keep up the good work, folks.  I really need to get out more.  But then I think silly thoughts.  Thoughts like I might need a haircut.R

Why am I looking at motorcycles?  Please make this one go away.

No mas.  Feliz viernes.  Adiós.


2 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. I do think you need a haircut too and a shave! But the heart within is still the same lovable son!

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