Spring Giveth

A few nice days, then Spring taketh away (my good mood–walking Frida in a soaking rain wearing head to toe denim (Canadian tuxedo!) isn’t as cool as one would think).  Frida kinda thought it blew, too.f

Just pulled inside the geraniums and the lime tree.  The temp has dropped to 32 and the rain has turned to sleet.  Really gross.

Small victory yesterday in the form of a batch of chocolate chip cookies from Chloe’s Vegan Desserts.  Brought them to Scrabble and they were a big hit.  What a terrible picture!  You get what you pay for.ccc

Sad that I didn’t make the effort to instead make Lagusta’s garlic chocolate chip cookies.  That’s the first recipe I grabbed, but I was too lazy to roast a clove of garlic and make flax seed snot, so I sidestepped to Chloe’s recipe.  Still haven’t made Lagusta’s version, but you know it has to be special, right?  A small amount of roasted garlic must add a wonderful twist.  As far as Chloe’s recipe, I swapped in coconut oil instead of margarine.  Thanks for that Lagusta!

I also enjoyed the growler of Founder’s All Day IPA I brought to Scarabble.  Low alcohol, big hops.  Fun to watch people discover their preferences in beer.  One guy now knows he prefers malt to hops.  I’ve been there, but life is too short.  Hops.  Malt.  Balance.  Bring ’em all on.  It’s Friday!

Make the most of it.

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