I moved the lime tree outside today.  I’ll probably move it back in on a cold evening or two, but I needed the lime tree’s winter florescent light fixture for the seed starting station.  When I came back in I found the world’s smallest lime on the floor.  l

Can you imagine this little gem floating in a fancy cocktail?  Except I tossed it.  Oh well.

Lacey’s blog is no more!  That makes me sad, but I support her decision.  I’ll just have to try to get her to whisper stories in my ear as we fall asleep.  Like she started to do last night.  Sadly sleepy me didn’t appreciate the specialness of the moment and I asked her to let me fall back to sleep.  Shame on me.  Please forgive me.

That’s all I have for you except, of course, wishes for a wonderful day.


One response to “Something

  1. I love the little lime!

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