Grumpy Old Man in Springtime

Today is lovely already and I have been told it will only get better.  So what’s spoiled my mood?  A pile of moldy bread by the pond was all it took.  Not too far from a sign asking folks not to feed the waterfowl and adjacent to the trail where my neighbors and I walk our dogs.  I noticed the bread before Frida did, so I steered her away, tied her up, picked up the bread and tossed it in the garbage can.  Problem solved.f

It was only a week ago that I learned that moldy bread could be dangerous to people and critters.  Until then, I would cut away moldy bits on bread and finish the loaf.  The last time I did that I asked a friend if it was safe and she said no.  Today I googled for confirmation.  Did you know that the visible mold is only part of the problem–that thread like roots extend deep into the food under the surface?  Did you know that mold on bread can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems and, under certain conditions, serious illness?  You can read about it here.  Kind of spooky.  How did I not know this?g

Anyway, we must be doing something right here as we very rarely have mold on bread or anything in our kitchen.  Apparently the dry air during the winter helps (we have forced air heat and don’t have a humidifier).  Cleanliness helps, too.  Mold that isn’t attended to quickly will release spores from which new blooms are born.  So toss that moldy bread (and not anywhere an animal can get to it).  Kay?



2 responses to “Grumpy Old Man in Springtime

  1. Next time I see any on our walks, I will definitely toss in the garbage! Love all animals and Grandma’s geraniums look lovely!

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