Feels So Good!

I just finished putting seeds in soil in flats for this year’s garden.  The team closed two more deals today and putting together the seed starting station was a great way to celebrate.  As the skin on my hands wrinkles and cracks with age, I enjoy the way dirt moves right in.  Looks tough.  Tough for a lawyer, anyway.dh

April 1st is the latest I have waited to start seeds.  I remember starting seeds in January!  I’m not getting smarter–I was just too busy.  A little too much work and a lot too much Skyrim have clogged up my schedule to a degree I haven’t experienced in some time.  Feels good though.

I’ve also put a bit more energy than usual into loving Lacey.  She needs it, I am so pleased to help and talk about return on investment–if the love Lacey gives me in return could be measured and graphed, the S&P 500 would be embarrassed to have it’s chart alongside our results in our love prospectus.

Time alone alone really helps stoke the fires of our love locomotive.  For instance, last week we enjoyed a seder for two.  I’ve dearly loved each and every big seder with family and friends, but the couple we’ve done alone are my favorites.  So much easier to focus on the story and ceremony when I am not striving to be the loudest and silliest in the room (our seders are spirited affairs).  You ever notice that people are often very different when in smaller groups?  Usually better.

Only one day of passover left and three boxes of matzoh remain.  Oy!  I’ll use up a few sheets tonight in some sort of a mexican lasagna bake (a quart of enchilada sauce pulled from the freezer made with tomatoes from last year’s garden should help make this sad sounding dish come close to singing).  I’ll grind a few more sheets to make flour for kimchi pancakes.  That’ll leave two boxes for snacks with margarine and hot sauce.  We will overcome (the annual matzoh glut).

Hope you are well.


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