Here I Am

Just returned home from the third trip to California in as many weeks.  Trips one and two took me to Los Angeles and the third to San Francisco.  I have a colleague for whom this amount of travel is the norm.  At various points in my career it was the norm for me as well but lately I have been covering about half of my closings by mail.  Spoiled me and, to make matters worse, I’ve been stripped of elite flier status.  Center seats are allI am offered when I book, but I sometimes wrangle aisle seats at check in.  White person problems.

It made sense for me to attend the last three closings in person because my client wasn’t able to go.  His brother was dying of cancer and passed away Monday.  I’d do anything for this man and then a little more as he negotiates tough times in his life.  Still, I am happy to be looking at a break from the travel for a month or so.

San Francisco was looking fine.  The closing dinner was at Bix.  Swell joint even if there wasn’t much for a vegan to eat.  No matter, I enjoyed two excellent wines, truffle fries, brussel sprouts (probably not vegan, but I don’t make a stink over my preferences when dining in big groups) and a Manhattan for dessert.  Should have stopped there, but I tagged along on a trip to The Saloon in North Beach.  Glad I did–what a treasure!  Edna Love entertained while my hosts bought rounds of Budweisers and Jameson shots.  So sorry, dear body.  I promise to give you better care in the days and weeks to come.

Oh–big news!  My dearest has started a blog.  The first two posts are gems.  Hope you make time to enjoy them.

Enough!  Happy Friday!


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