No Sir

This is no way to behave on the first day of Spring. S

Sorry I have been quiet lately.  I’ve been to Los Angeles twice in the last two weeks for work.  Can’t remember the first trip, but the second is still fresh(ish) in my mind.

Best part was a trip to Shojin.  Japanese vegan joint that made me wish I lived in the neighborhood.  It was my first visit and I was prepping for a red eye flight home, so overeating seemed like the right course of action.

An aside, I hate eating alone in restaurants, especially swank ones.  The gods shined on me this one time–as I was well-tucked into the first of three sakes, they seated a table of three drag queens in my direct view.  Dressed in beautiful jewel toned frocks (at 6:00 pm on a Monday), they were having a lovely meal and chat.  Not sure why this made me so happy, but some questions don’t need answers (like, were they really drag queens or were low lights and optimistic eyes playing happy tricks on me?).  Imbedded aside–maybe this is what the phrase post-internet is getting at.  I can’t google it to find out, since we are post-internet and all.  [Duh alert:  Of course I googled post-internet as soon as I posted.  Obviously, now to me even, post-internet is not used to refer to the period during which we are totally over the internet.  Instead, it is used to refer to the period since the internet has been with us.  I liked my interpretation better, though (I am so totally over the internet), and will now work to popularize my interpretation of the phrase.]

Back to the meal.  Started with stuffed shiitake mushrooms.  The ones they served were much prettier than the ones pictured on the menu (how great is that?), but I won’t be posting any pictures (I tried to take pictures by votive but, well, I won’t be posting any pictures).  Delicious as all get out, too.

Enjoyed these with the first of three aforementioned sakes I ordered as a flight.  A bargain at twice the price, these three.

Next up (or down my soup hole) was a bowl of spicy ramen.  Four pools of chili oil at the cardinal points brought big flavor (and broke my bottom the next day–ahem).

Still wasn’t overfilled to the point of a five plus hour plane nap, so I added a mother’s soul roll to the table (then my stomach).  Wonderfully soft overall, with a few crisp vegetables in the mix.  Memories of Iso flooded back.  Iso.  Sigh!

I was pretty stuffed now, so I ordered a beer (they picked for me a Sapporo Reserve–yummy) to pass the time while they baked for me a molten lava chocolate cake served with a scoop of ice cream (wowza).

My order would have been perfect to share with Lacey, but since I fell asleep as soon as the wheels were up and stayed asleep until they announced descent, I would gladly overdo it again.  As an added bonus, it is an easy walk from the restaurant to Union Station (where you can catch the Fly Away bus to LAX).     Winning!

Near as I can tell from Yelp reviews, you can’t order a bad thing.   The servers and the atmosphere are ‘specially nice, too.  Hope you get the chance to give the place a try soon.   Me?  I hope I don’t get the chance.  As much as I loved it, I’d enjoy being home a bit more.

Oh ya… one more thing.  Dulles’ new (to me) intra-terminal train (“AeroTrain“).  Pro or con?  I am strongly agin’ it.  The old tall busses (one site called them “mobile lounges” to, I hope, plant a seed in the mind of a budding club developer–just imagine it!) were ridiculous, but they worked.  The train?  I have twice in two weeks had 30 minutes to make a connecting flight and used the train to get from terminal A to C.   Used the train isn’t exactly right, though.  Mostly I walked super far (and super fast) to get to the train, then a very short train ride, then walked again super far (and super fast) to get to terminal C.  The journey took 30 minutes each time, leaving no time to grab chow or use a somewhat larger restroom.  What gives (asks my throbbing arthritic toe)?  Plenty o’ rants on the net asking the same question.  A few more clicks, though, gets me to a page that says the train was set up to take travelers to the future location of terminal C.  Not the current terminal C.  Hence the hella schlep from the train to current terminal C.  When is the new terminal C to be built?  From here, “[d]esign and construcion [sic] of the new concourse have not yet been scheduled.”  Not encouraging!  Never thought I’d pine for the tall busses.  Pining, though, I am (especially if I can call one to pick me up at my house and serve me drinks while cruising the city a good ten feet above the roofs of Hummers (remember Hummers?) and then dropping me back at home).  More realistically–I will do my level best to not fly through Dulles on United.

Be well.


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