Another Thing


I should at least mention them on this, the first day of Spring.  My lovely bride sent me this link with text and pics about the heyday of bicycling in Schenectady which, according to the post, went down from 1890-1910.  Go to the link, already!  The picture of the bicycle storage shed at GE is alone worth the finger work.  Thanks, Lacey!

Also enjoyed the phrase “untrammeled womanhood.”  Maybe that’s why I enjoy eating in restaurants near a table of drag queens.  I like my/all womanhood untrammeled, thank you very much.

Also interested in the bit about the cinder trail for bicycles from Albany to Schenectady along Central Avenue.  You’d buy a license to pedal it without a per use toll or pay a toll each time.  Some folks are forever complaining about cyclists as tax scoffers while others fight to protect “free” pedaling, but I for one wouldn’t object to a toll road for bicycles alongside the right to use all other roads without (additional) taxation.  I’d ask the Albany Bicycle Coalition to make it so, but they’d just love the idea then ask me to do it.  Whatever.

How about the picture of the five bons vivants?  Love the seated gent’s knickers and the banjo player’s hat.  Lacey noticed the songbook is held upside down.  Jesters!  I think I can even make out the name of the book–School for the Reed Organ.  I want to go to reed organ school!

My favorite pic, though, is the last–a boy riding circles alone in the middle of a quiet street.  That brings back memories (I grew up on a cul-de-sac).  Can you spot the telegraph pole?  I think its the trussed flat iron tower on the left side of the street.  If my memory serves, there is still one of those standing on Quail street in Albany.  I hope someone will weigh in and give me the correct location.  Was it you, Adam, that showed it to me?  Or was it you, Jay?  How about the horse tie up post on the right side?  Click twice to make the picture really huge.  There it is!

So there it is… bicycle talk on a blog about bicycling.  Will wonders never cease?


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