five hundred

Frida Sleeping 02.27.13

So many posts.  So little information.  As I watched the post count approach this milestone, I wondered how I could do justice to the moment.  Not for long, though.  I’ve never wanted to wow.  Just the opposite.  I’ve shared parts of my ordinary life, with small struggles and smaller victories, hoping you’d enjoy some quiet time away from the bigger, bolder exploits shouldering their way onto the web.  Maybe you leave feeling better about yourself, inspired to try something new, or just a little less alone.  I’d count any of those as a win.

Your comments have certainly helped me.  Just a sentence, or even a few words.  I should learn from your brevity.  Simply nice to know you are there, sharing a moment with me, and willing to make the effort to write a note.  My sincerest thanks to you.  No hard feelings if you read but don’t respond.  I get it.  How many times have I wanted to write something somewhere but stopped after silly security procedures require one keystroke too many?

Anything to report?  Nothing really, but I have a moment.  Exercise regimen, in place since October, is going well.  Today would be a burpees day, but I skipped (decided shoveling an angry inch of heavy snow this morning sufficed).  The rollers have been fun.  Just 25 minutes twice a week, but the road will be more welcoming come Spring.  Cooking has been fun and yummy.  Half a dozen recent cookbook buys have inspired a few new dishes and a few improvements on existing dishes.  Grits, roasted fennel and refried black beans for dinner tonight.  That’s the plan anyway.  Work is pleasant.  Not soul crushing in quantity or quality.  Sustainable.  Family is well.  Enjoying having a local cousin.  She has twice given me a holler to point out neighborhood estate sales.   The first brought Toasty into my life.  Loving Toasty.  At the second I found myself in the checkout line, arms loaded with a saw, a vice, a wood mallet and a pair of tin snips.  All lovely items, but I didn’t need any of them.  Maybe the mallet, but the wait in line gave me time to think.  I returned to the basement, put down the tools and picked up this gem.TK

Its a military sewing kit!  Thread in all my favorite colors!  The pins were pretty well lined up, but I enjoyed improving upon the prior owner’s efforts.TKO

Enough!  Thanks again for hanging out with me here.  Not sure I have another five hundred posts in me (and my free space on this site is nearing an end), but who knows.  No need to decide now (and Frida will want a walk soon).



8 responses to “five hundred

  1. I glanced quickly at Frida in this exact position just before I left for work this morning. She looked so sweet on my side of the bed and with her head on my pillow- keeping my spot warm until I return. I love you both so much!

  2. Congratulations on number 500. I have been a reader for (I think it counts as) many years now. I remember the first time I read your blog, I was in the throws of post-partum whatever-it-was, and my husband wanted to cheer me up by showing me one of your posts. I remember I even commented once, when you were not posting for a while to ask for more posts maybe (?), as I was desperate for company. You have become pretty much a household name in our family. We might have even met once at an A.N.T. event in Holliston, MA, as we have some A.N.T. bikes too, and have been to a couple of Mike’s rides. I just want to say thank you for being there, I have enjoyed reading about your struggles and victories, and continue to look forward to new posts.
    (Sorry this is so long, and if it sound like I’m a stalker. I assure you, I’m just an appreciative reader.)

  3. Your posts are delightful, informative & comforting. Please blog another 500 times at least!

  4. Congratulations on reaching a milestone. I’m always so appreciative when Lacey links through to your blog posts because I become engrossed for longer than I care to admit, happy to hear about your lives. Thanks for the burpees mention. After Googling it, I’m planning on giving them a go. Be well. xo

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