Small World

I cooked up a storm yesterday.  Mostly to prepare for hosting my Scrabble group.  Started with a chocolate pecan pie (using a recipe given to me by a good friend).  Looks perfect.  Thanks, friend!

Made a small batch of grits (1/4 cup of dry grits didn’t fit in a quart storage jar) using a recipe from Bryant Terry’s The Inspired Vegan.  His cookbook goes back to the library soon, so I am trying to make a few things first.  In this terrific recipe, Mr. Terry adds to the grits onions fried with cumin and cashew milk.  Wow.  I am no grits expert, but these sure pleased.  We split the batch last night and added to the plates refried black beans and greens.

For the greens, I softened in oil onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, celery, jalapenos and sweet red pepper, then added water and the chopped greens.  While the greens cooked I blended a cup of the cooking water with miso, shoyu, vinegar and maple syrup to make a stock.  This got added to the greens at the end, once they were off the heat.  So good!

Much of this collection of ingredients was inspired by greens I had at Lagusta’s home.  She rattled off the ingredients on the spot and, despite a memory that makes Jaguars look reliable, I remembered the list of ingredients and have made “Lagusta’s greens” dozens of times.  This time, to her recipe, I added vinegar and maple syrup.  Very nice.  I wondered if anyone ever put together greens like this, so I googled “miso, shoyu, vinegar, maple syrup.”  First hit–Lagusta.  She uses these ingredients and lime to make a salad dressing.  If I hadn’t found Lagusta on the net a dozen years ago, I would have found her annually during each of those dozen years.  She writes!S

I also made a stock for beans to be made today.  The recipe came from The Inspired Vegan, too, and was again amazing.  To the usual suspects I was instructed to add potatoes and mushrooms and to cut everything small (to speed transmission of flavor).  I also softened the veggies in oil before adding the water.    I went to play video games while the stock simmered on medium low heat.  I was supposed to stop at at one to three hours, but mine got four (oops).  Nine cups of water reduced to four cups of stock.  Really amazing stock.  Not sure I can resist buying this cookbook.

The giver of the chocolate pecan pie recipe also happens to care for Frida.  She wrote yesterday to say Frida’s treatment is complete.  No need for  a follow up ultrasound (the spots on her heart could show up again as they could be scarring).  Frida will get a low dose aspirin daily to be safe, but that’s it.  So relieved.  So grateful to our friend and her colleagues at Burnt Hills Veterinary.

Pedaled to the grocery yesterday.  I knew as soon as I set out that the ride home was going to be trouble.  Every pedaler knows that when a winter ride feels warm and easy that a stiff wind is pushing at their back.  I lingered at the grocery but the wind was there, waiting patiently and blowing fiercely.  Flags stood straight out as I pushed the pedals on the ANT Light Roadster.  I got home.   It wasn’t so bad, but I remembered why I have been pedaling on rollers in the basement all winter.  Pedaling in the cold is horrible!  Terrific for ego building, but I’ve had plenty of that for two lifetimes.  Back to the rollers today.  Spring will come soon enough.  I saw leaves from bulbs pushing through frozen soil yesterday!

Hope you are well.


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