Last Call

Went to Mahar’s two Saturdays ago.  It was packed, nowhere to sit and tough to move around even.  Tried to go last Saturday, but it was again packed so we left (went instead to the Merry Monk–our first visit–great beers and veggie burgers!).  Before we left Mahar’s, we glanced at a flyer announcing Wednesday, today, would be the last day.  Perfect.  We planned one last visit Monday or Tuesday.  Monday it was closed, but we hoped it was due to the holiday.  Tuesday it was closed, but a young man carrying moving boxes told us that Mahar’s was open Wednesday only to winners of a raffle.  Oh.  So, unknown to us, two Saturday’s ago was our last visit.  Didn’t get to say goodbye to Bill or Chris.  Bye, friends!  Thanks for making us feel at home.  Hope to see you soon.


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