All but a foot of the big snowstorm missed us.  Less than a foot, maybe.  A charitable delivery, too.  I shoveled a couple of times on Friday, an inch at a go (as a warm up), then the bulk of the snow arrived as we slept.  One big shoveling session on Saturday morning (first on the block… winning!), and then a couple of times to clear the end of the driveway after the plow came through.

Had a nice encounter while walking Frida around the pond.  A woman who walks alone, has for seven years I’ve been here, was walking hand in hand with a handsome gentleman.  We’ve never said hi, but do smile at each other.  As she passed with her gentleman her smile was nothing short of beatific.  I glowed inside to have witnessed her happiness.

Need a good happy cry?  Louder Than A Bomb is for you.  Chicago High School kids sharing poetry and so much more.  Netflix DVD (not play it now) can get it to you.

Anything else?  I’m in the middle of a serious video game jones.  I don’t play often, but a friend gave me a game that has sucked me in but good.  If I didn’t have a home, a spouse, a dog, a job and a need to be at Mahar’s as much as possible before they close (this Saturday, maybe Sunday even), I’d play this game nonstop.  It’s bad.  I don’t eat.  I don’t pee.  I slump down in the couch until my neck hurts, then I sit up for a moment until I slide back down.  I won’t name the game.  Better that you don’t seek it out.  Digital crack it is.  To make matters worse, this same “friend” has introduced me to a second game that is equally engaging.  This one we play together, in the same room, which is nice except that it is a totally adrenaline fueled mind blower.  I loved games as a kid, but don’t recall playing for more than an hour.  Now I know why kids today can play for hours, even days.  Games are getting way too good.

And that will be that.  Be well.

2 responses to “Absence

  1. I’m so glad to read that you are human. You usually seem so disciplined and principled. Thank you for giving me something to feel smug about in that I don’t play video games. (Joke 🙂 ) I do talk to my 8 year old son about the possibility of addiction to video games, and I’m interested to see that the drive is always there, even as an adult.

    • Thanks for writing! Interesting to hear what you take away from my writing. I have been trying to give equal if not more time to my faults and limits, but still I come across as maybe not human. Communication is tough, and here yet another fail! ; )

      Yesterday when I started playing, I set a timer for one hour. I spent the hour trying to climb the highest mountain in the game’s world. The bell sounded and I kept at it (for another four hours)! I told myself I would not play today. We’ll see how that goes.

      Hope your son gets outside today. Me, too. Supposed to be 40 here (which will feel like 50 or 60 relative to the recent cold).

      Take care!

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