Car adventure time!  Made a trip to Dennis Holzman Antiques, in Cohoes, New York.  I play Scrabble with Dennis, so I have had the trip on my to do list for some time.  Sorry I waited so long!  From his site, he carries “historically significant items, traditional antiques and fine art, stylish objects, rare and out-of-print books, printed ephemera, manuscripts, and photographs.”  That describes (most of) the collection, but it doesn’t give a hint at how great it is to speak with Dennis.  Make sure you introduce yourself when you go in.  He clearly loves his work and the objects he is offering.  I had a ball and learned so much.  Ever seen a fore-edge painting?  I have (now).

He has many serious pieces (I enjoyed reading a letter from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis), but also wonderful things you can take home for a few bucks (I picked up this picture of a guy on a bicycle with a twin top tube).  What’s up with the fork?  An effort at suspension?  dtt

If you’d enjoy something a little off center, how about a human skull?  Yikes!


Something for everyone, to be sure.  I spent a couple of hours there and could have spent many more.  Better to save something to which I can look forward.  Go!

Other good news?  Lacey is requesting a midweek trip to Mahar’s.  Good thing, as I want another glass of the cask conditioned Highlander Scotch Ale (from Middle Ages Brewing Company) before the barrel is drained.

Better go.


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