Really easy.

I dropped Frida at home and walked in the direction of the estate sale signs.  No sign at the corner, though.  I turned left.  No house was open for business.  I walked home.  Lunch (I recommend to you a spread of tahini, miso, lemon and garlic on toast topped with avocado, olive oil and red pepper flakes).  Work.  Relaunch.  This time I turned right, into the apartment community.  Bingo.  I traded one dollar for Sarah Vaughn dripping out of my speakers with sunlight making this the warmest room in the house.  SV

Another dollar locks in a chance to spend a bit of the afternoon with Benny Goodman.BG

A third is traded for a lifetime supply of Diamond Back Club Special “Bee” playing cards.  Lightly used, but all there.  B

Thank you, good people of Cincinnati, for spending some of your time at the U.S. Playing Card Company making these lovely decks.  Sleepy 125 year old company?  I’d say not.  They’ve partnered with Zazzle to offer custom printed cards (order a single deck for twenty one bucks).  Not feeling creative?  The company’s designers aren’t doing too badly.  The Expert Back deck is my favorite (too bad I just bought a lifetime supply of the “Bee” cards).

I resisted a huge set of gold leaf cocktail glasses.  Ice cold minty.  Would have felt so right holding a measure of bourbon, me wearing my Comme des Garçons plaid blazer.  Made in 1996, it somehow hung in a closet unused for seventeen years (with tags, I added the dog fur).  eBay whispered in my ear and the next thing you know…CDG

Speaking of fur… Frida just checked in for dinner (one hour early).  I should go pet her to help her pass the time.  I could feed her now, but Lacey already objects to dinner at 2:30.  Too early!  She also thought 4:00 was too early, but she isn’t home to maintain order, so here we are.

Happy friday, friends.


2 responses to “Easy

  1. I love you, but 2:30pm is still too early for dinner. Nothing is better, though, than having you home with Frida. You are her guardian angel!

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