FI’ve pedaled in the basement twice a week so far this winter, but haven’t since December pedaled outside.  Until today.  Fifty degrees and a nice rain to wash away the salt together eliminated my tired excuses.  Just a mile to the library and to get coffee beans, but judging by the improvement in my mood, you’d think I pedaled five or ten miles on a quiet oak covered lane in the country to a sunny swimming hole with a beer or two in my backpack and Lacey on my wheel (I prefer to ride behind her while she prefers to ride behind me–I generally acquiesce).IV

The library loaned me Bryant Terry’s The Inspired Vegan.  I love his Vegan Soul Kitchen, but want to limit the number of cookbooks I buy.  Borrowing from the library is a good way to scratch the itch without busting out the ends of my bookshelf.  The number of vegan cookbooks in their collection is surprising.  They don’t have everything I have but they have most and also have many I haven’t yet seen.  Future fun.  For now, The Inspired Vegan looks like a very entertaining read and will surely result in a few switched up meals in the upcoming weeks.

Hope you are having fun, too.


2 responses to “Changing

  1. Bryant went to my culinary school. He was always the coolest dude. I’m so proud of him and his successes, his recipes are the bomb!

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